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Do you want to buy an income property in the Montreal area?

The offers are numerous, but good deals are hard to find, which is why you need an experienced agent in the field. Since the majority of properties are sold without being publicly advertised, we have compiled a database of investors and multi-family building owners which we offer for the benefit of everyone’s mutual interests.

Our network allows us to keep everyone informed, discreetly or not, about each other’s offers. Vice versa, the network allows everyone to react quickly when an offer meets their needs.

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The multi-family properties presented in this website are grouped into three broad categories:

All other types of properties, meaning commercial, institutional or available land, are grouped in the "Commercial" section. Multi-family buildings that are free of tenants, require major renovations or available land in urban areas are grouped in the "Contractor" section.

All these properties are offered by real estate brokers. They are part of the "open" market.

As agents selling both open-market and closed market properties, we may have some closed market properties for sale which do not appear on the website. To be informed about these, please contact us by email or phone. You can also subscribe to our Newsletter which regularly provides this kind of information.