For Sellers

Do you want to sell an income property in the Montreal area?

Did you know that there are two different ways to put your property up for sale? We can do this with a maximum of noise, or the opposite, do it discreetly. Both approaches require different marketing strategies, each with their advantages and disadvantages.


By choosing to sell your income property publicly, we list your property on the real estate brokers network in Quebec. You profit from the impact of this vast network which includes 14,000 brokers in Quebec, with 8,000 in the Montreal area. Since each of them is likely to work with one or more potential buyers, the number of people reached in a very short time is considerable.

In addition to this network, we promote your property on the internet in Quebec and abroad as widely as possible. We take great care in making a good "first impression": Numerous quality photographs taken by a professional photographer, a well written and descriptive text in French and English and an abundance of details to put buyers at ease.

It is in this way that competition is best served and this is by far the best way to get the best price for your income property.


You are someone who doesn’t appreciate having neighbors interested in your business, your family to see into your pockets or your tenants to know what you are planning? Or, you are someone who prefers things to be decisive and does not like things to carry on at length?

A "closed market" marketing strategy may be the formula that is best suited to you. Your property will not be promoted publicly. Marketing will be within our network of contacts through mail and word of mouth. The signing of a confidentiality agreement may also be required of any potential buyer. Our network includes a large number of owners and investors looking for different types of properties and who are constantly on the lookout for good investment deals. Those people are usually investors with experience in real estate properties and who have some financing capacities enabling them to make quick decisions.

By not promoting your income property publicly, you miss the competition that comes with the larger publicity-based diffusion and in this way you reduce your chance of getting the best price for your property. It is important to be well informed about this and to fully appreciate the consequences. But since money is not always what counts most in our lives...